Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest is a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests, financial or otherwise, and serving one interest could involve working against another.

Anytime something of value is created, there is a potential for scientists and inventors to develop a conflict of interest.  I have over a dozen issued US and international patents based on my discoveries.  This intellectual property is integrated into several products currently on the market.  This website is not designed or intended to sell any product.  This website is a portal for the most up to date education and information on nitric oxide.  Despite my conflict of interest, I remain objective, absolute and resolute on what the published science on NO tells us.  My almost 20 years of research, reputation and integrity as a basic scientist is far more important than pushing any of my product technology.

If you wish to see a full disclosure on my financial conflicts of interest, please email me and I’ll send you full disclosure.