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The importance of the impact of Nitric Oxide on your health

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How your health decreases with declining Nitric Oxide production
  • The 2 Ways the Body Makes Nitric Oxide
  • How to fix the Nitric Oxide Problem

Nathan S. Bryan, PH.D.

Dr. Bryan earned his undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Texas at Austin and his doctoral degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport where he was the recipient of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research. He pursued his post-doctoral training as a Kirschstein Fellow at Boston University School of Medicine in the Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute. After a two year post-doctoral fellowship, in 2006 Dr. Bryan was recruited to join faculty at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston by Ferid Murad, M.D., Ph.D., 1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology. During his tenure as faculty and independent investigator at UT, his research focused on drug discovery through screening natural product libraries for active compounds. His nine years at UT led to several discoveries which have resulted in over a dozen issued US and international patents and many more pending worldwide.

Specifically, Dr. Bryan was the first to describe nitrite and nitrate as indispensable nutrients required for optimal cardiovascular health. He was the first to demonstrate and discover an endocrine function of nitric oxide via the formation of S-nitrosoglutathione and inorganic nitrite. Through the drug discovery program in natural product chemistry, Dr. Bryan discovered unique compositions of matter than can be used to safely and effectively generate and restore nitric oxide in humans. This technology is now validated in six published clinical trials. He is also a successful entrepreneur who has commercialized his nitric oxide technology through the formation of Human, to the Power of N, Inc (formerly Neogenis Labs) where he is a Founder and inventor. Dr. Bryan has been involved in nitric oxide research for the past 18 years and has made many seminal discoveries in the field. These discoveries and findings have transformed the development of safe and effective functional bioactive natural products in the treatment and prevention of human disease and may provide the basis for new preventive or therapeutic strategies in many chronic diseases. Dr. Bryan has published a number of highly cited papers and authored or edited 5 books. He is an international leader in molecular medicine and nitric oxide biochemistry.

Functional Nitric Oxide Nutrition

The intentions of this book are to highlight new science that is not considered by most physicians and health care practitioners so that patients and consumers can take this information and new knowledge to take control of their own health.  My objectives are to educate readers on the importance of nitric oxide, to clearly illustrate that diet and lifestyle modifications can significantly improve nitric oxide production and to arm the reader with information that they can begin to implement into their daily life so that people can not only improve their current health conditions but prevent many of these diseases from occurring in the first place.  After reading this book, I want everyone to walk away with these basic learnings:
  1. Nitric oxide is one of the most important molecules produced in the human body.  It controls and regulates most cellular functions
  2. Loss of nitric oxide is the earliest event in the onset and progression of most if not all chronic diseases.
  3. As we age, we lose the ability to produce nitric oxide putting us at risk for age related disease.
  4. New discoveries in science and medicine reveal what goes wrong in people that can’t make nitric oxide and we now know how to fix these basic problems with simple diet and lifestyle changes without drug intervention.
With these 4 basic understandings and employing the strategies I teach you in this book,  you can make great progress to improve your current health status whether you are sick and hoping to get better or whether you are currently healthy and just want to prevent getting sick.

by Dr. Nathan Bryan

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